How did you become an expert at helping people create passionate, fulfilling, regret-free lives?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story”, that brought me to where I am today – coaching people like you on exactly what to do to create a life that’s meaningful, fulfilling and 100% in alignment with who YOU are – regardless of what anyone else thinks. (This is KEY!)

That defining moment in my life happened in 2010. For years I’d been feeling a growing resentment every morning as I forced myself to get ready for work. I loathed the idea of trading my life – my ONE LIFE – for money at a job I knew wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. I was born for a reason – and this was NOT it.

Every day the knot in my stomach grew stronger, and I felt myself slipping into a powerful negativity. I tried to hide my feelings at work, but “putting on a happy face” for my co-worker’s sake made me feel even worse. I hated hiding. I hated being fake. And this disgusting ball of resentment was making me do both.

Finally one morning I just couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t bring myself to actually go to work. I was in my car and the closer I got to the office, the more desperate and trapped I felt. My world started to spin. I couldn’t breathe. I quickly pulled into a commuter parking lot and began to cry. I cried. And cried. And cried.

Honestly I’m not sure how long I cried…but somewhere in that time I made the decision to stop living a life that wasn’t truly meant for me. I promised myself I would never feel this way again in my career. I would NEVER allow myself to sacrifice my time and my life, for money. I would find my purpose and do what I was born to do no matter what.

And just like that, a tremendous weight began to lift. I dried my eyes and went to work – but this time everything was different. I knew inside I was already transitioning out of that life and into a new one. I made plans to wrap up my obligations at my job while I figured out what my true purpose was.

From that moment on all my free time was consumed by my quest to figure out why my intuition was constantly plaguing me, screaming I was meant for more. I dove back into my psychology background, taking every personality test and strength evaluation I could find. I read spiritual and philosophy books on the meaning of life. I read business and entrepreneurship books. I asked my friends and colleagues what they thought I was good at and how I’d helped them in the past. I looked at all my combined experiences and asked myself, where are the patterns that draw this all together? What lessons have I been taught? How can I use all the crazy, painful things I’ve been through to help other people?

After a year of frantic self-study, the pieces of my Who Am I? Personal Revolution System came together. I realized my natural calling was to help people understand themselves at the deepest levels – what their core values were, what they were intrinsically good at, what made them feel personally free – and to help them fearlessly reorganize their lives to match.

THIS was a transformational process I knew inside and out!

Not only had I done it with my career –

  • I did it when I got married “too young”.
  • I did it when I got divorced “too soon”.
  • I did it when I decided to stand by my partner after he’d cheated and everyone said I was an “idiot to stay”. (Six years later we have the BEST relationship you could imagine.)
  • I did it when I chose to eat only organic food even though it was “too expensive”.
  • I did it when I refused to put my daughter in a traditional school “like a normal kid”.
  • I did it when I moved to Europe even though it was “too far and I didn’t speak the language”.

The point is I DID IT. I took control and made clear, executive decisions about MY LIFE.

That’s what a PERSONAL REVOLUTION is all about – unapologetically standing up for what you believe in and taking action to live that way.

It’s about saying “thanks but no thanks” to other people’s opinions that don’t ring true for you. It’s about refusing to settle for “average”, “mediocre”, and “boring” when you want to live joyfully, abundantly and be one of the few people who die with no regrets.

That’s what I help my clients do!

That’s why I KNOW I can help you move out of fear, resentment, frustration, and anger right now using my Who Am I? Personal Revolution System.

I’ll teach you how to stand in your place of power – as the CEO of your life – quickly and with ease. The life you desire, the one that’s destined to be yours, is already waiting. You just have to decide you want it – no matter what.

Who are your clients?

My Clients Want…

Deeper Intimacy & Exciting Sex

An Unconventional Lifestyle

A Meaningful Career They LOVE

Better Health & More Energy

I work with people just like you who are stuck in feelings of fear, frustration, anger and resentment about one or more aspects of their lives and just don’t know how to get out.

My clients usually have no one they can really talk to who would understand and be able to give impartial, encouraging, supportive advice.

Because these experiences are so universal, my clients come to me from all walks of life, and typically find me when they:

• Are questioning whether or not to stay in their marriage
• Are tired of working in a job that’s unfulfilling but not sure what else to do
• Are frustrated at not being able to express their sexuality & fantasies with their partners
• Are tired of feeling like they have to “act” a certain way to maintain their career / personal reputation
• Aren’t able to fully express ALL sides of themselves out of fear of what others will think
• Feel they have a life purpose that’s not being fulfilled
• Need support in making a decision they know their family, friends or partners won’t like or approve of
• Want to create a life that uses their natural stengths and talents to their fullest but don’t know what they’re really good at
• Have a problem they can’t talk to anyone else about and feel isolated / trapped

It’s important to understand that the feeling of being sick-to-your-stomach is a warning, your body’s way of telling you that you’re living out of alignment with something you value, believe or know to be true.

If you don’t listen to it and do something to change NOW, it will eat you alive. If you never do something about it, you’ll die filled with regret after regret. It’s that simple.

What makes you different from other personal coaches?

My clients can talk to me about ANYTHING.

I’m non-judgmental, supportive and encouraging in my approach and treat every challenge with the dignity it deserves.

So many times people are frustrated or have questions about their relationships, sex lives and fantasies that they don’t feel anyone would understand or take seriously – then they find me.

I love helping my clients get to the core of why they enjoy and value the things they do because it gives them the clarity and direction they need to decide for themselves whether it’s something to actually pursue or not.

We talk about everything from, “I want a threesome but my partner doesn’t” to “I fantasize about XYZ and feel guilty about it”. As long as it’s legal and not harming anyone – we find answers that are in alignment with their personal truth.

I take this same open approach with everything – creative career options, “odd” life purpose callings, unique spiritual paths. Whoever my clients are, whatever their desires, that’s what I help them bring to life.

I never impose my own values onto my clients because I don’t believe anyone has the right to tell anyone else how they should live. It’s always about uncovering my client’s deepest intuitive truths and letting those shine through.

Finally, because I have a strong formal background in psychology, sexuality and business I bring many different theories, perspectives and modalities to my coaching – making it a unique, eclectic, fun – yes fun – experience.

Formal Credentials at a Glance:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology/Sociology, Hampshire College, MA
  • Master of Medicine Degree in Family & Sexuality Studies, University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Master in Business Administration Degree in Global Business Management, Walden University

What type of personality do you work with best & what's expected of me?

The Who Am I? Personal Revolution Programs were designed for people who are sick and tired of feeling like crap and honestly ready to put in the time and energy necessary to figuring it all out.

They’re desperate to move out of frustration, resentment and anger and into a life that’s aligned with their values and feels right for them – no matter what!

It’s meant for people who are ready to get clear on who they are, what they’re naturally amazing at, and what they really value, believe and know deep down to be true.

Coaching with me is like a crash course in creating a life that’s 100% unique and true to what YOU want.

No more wondering if this or that decision is right for you – the answer will be obvious. No more worrying that you’ll eventually look back on your life with regret – because you won’t! You’ll have me to help you through all your difficult transitions, someone who understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and can lend the outside perspective you’ll need to get through the self-doubt and fear that always comes along with this kind of change.

I work best with natural optimists and people who take full responsibility for their actions and consequences, good and bad, and recognize everything as a learning experience that helps them grow into wiser people.

Whether they realize it or not, my clients are freedom fighters at heart with a “live and let live” attitude. They want to live by their own rules and don’t want anyone else telling them what they “should” or “shouldn’t” do. Likewise, they offer that same freedom and respect to others.

I absolutely adore, LOVE and cherish my clients and feel honored to work with each and every one of them!


For what type of people are your programs NOT going to work?


Please know I’m very selective in who I work with and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my programs and won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for. (It wouldn’t be fair to them.)

The Who Am I? Personal Revolution Programs are NOT for those who believe it’s better to appease other people than to live 100% true to themselves. It’s been my experience that people who would rather keep their spouse / parent / friends / colleagues happy than make themselves happy will not be successful in this program.

I am all about helping my clients create massive life shifts into their own personal power and sometimes this does temporarily upset people around them.

Other types of personalities I won’t work with (without exception) are the whiner or the chronic skeptic, as well as individuals who consistently make excuses for not getting their assignments done or challenging every aspect of the program. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not call and I hope you understand why. We’ll probably just not work well together and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money. Is that fair?

What is the Who Am I? Personal Revolution System and what does it include?

Creating a life that allows you to feel completely free and 100% like yourself begins with understanding your deepest values and desires. It starts by finding answers to questions like: What does my ideal relationship feel like? What kind of relationship is it – traditional / other? What type of career best suits my personality, natural strengths and learned skills? What type of lifestyle do I want to create?  What does a healthy life mean to me?

Once that’s figured out, it’s time to create realistic plans to get your there. The most important element to this process is always moving through the fear of “what other people will think” so you can start living from the inside out – unapologetically and confidently.

Here’s what the System gets you to do:

The Basics – Discover who you were before the world told you who you should be

Together we’ll dive to the core of what makes you – YOU – different and utterly unique from everyone else. We’ll look at the pressures in your life, the things that make you feel all manner of negativity – frustration, anger, fear, depression – and find out why you’ve unconsciously set up your life in a way that doesn’t support you emotionally, spiritually or financially.

We’ll keep the things you truly believe in and start shifting the things you don’t.

Many people discover they’ve simply been doing what they’ve been told to do their entire lives, from academic / career choices to the person they married, never giving much conscious consideration to whether or not they truly BELIEVED in those choices.

This is your chance to pick it all apart, question everything you’ve been taught by your parents, your culture, your society – and then decide what YOU stand for.

It’s a very empowering, freeing process that allows you to really take control and live every day the way YOU want to.

Discovery – Get crystal clear and own your desires

The secret to creating a fulfilling, regret-free life is taking the time to get quiet, drown out the voices of everyone around you, and courageously look at your own desires. Together we’ll find out exactly what you want to have, what kind of person you want to be and what you want to do with your life. This is critical, extremely important information to have.

Once you’re crystal clear on your desires, we’ll create realistic, easy plans to get you in alignment and in flow toward your ideals.

We’ll also make sure you have all the tools you need to work through any guilt, shame or fear you have regarding your authentic desires so you can move in your new direction with the confidence and certainty that comes from knowing you’re doing exactly what YOU are supposed to be doing.

Exploration – Find the incredible power of your “WHY”

Underneath everything you value, believe in and desire is a reason – your most powerful “WHY”. This is the absolute foundation of who you are.

We’ll start with the superficial reasons and quickly wade through it all until we find the absolute bottom, your key foundational reason behind everything you do and want. Through this process you’ll realize that your life has always had a hidden pattern around this WHY.

The more opportunities you have in your life to express your WHY, the easier, lighter and more fulfilling your life becomes.

Once you’ve identified it, you’ll have the inner power that visionaries and leaders naturally exude and use to create dramatic change in themselves and the world.

Application – Take action, evaluate, course correct & achieve

Together we’ll identify what your ideal life looks like in the area(s) you want to change, reverse-engineer your ideals all the way down to doable three-month goals, and create action steps toward those goals that play to your natural strengths so getting to your goals feels easy and fun.

The beauty of this system is that it leaves plenty of room for negotiation on how to achieve your goals. The emphasis isn’t on following through with what you’re doing – but rather committing to achieving the end result – regardless of how you get there.

This means you’ll try something out, and if it doesn’t feel right or doesn’t keep you motivated, all we do is course correct and try something else!

The mindset and technique you’ll learn will remove the stress and overwhelm associated with “goals” and the built-in flexibility makes it impossible for you to fail.

Does this really work?

Yes! I know this system works from personal experience and watching my clients gain confidence, clarity, freedom and joy as they finally step into the role of Life CEO. Starting from the ground up, this system takes you through the process of understanding your own foundational values, strengths and desires all the way through developing action plans to make your dreams happen in a way that feels natural and easy.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself – (a lot of my clients tell me that is worth the investment alone).
  • Learn proven techniques for releasing your internal resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies so you can take action and start living your passion and purpose with ease.
  • Get crystal clear on what your ideal life looks like in the areas of love, career, health, family, mission and contribution.
  • Understand exactly what makes you unique and learn to communicate your true value to others (employers, colleagues, clients) This is central to your ability to get a raise, a job you love, the right friends, the right romantic partner, etc.
  • Get clear on your natural strengths, talents and skills (Trust me – these are powerful tools you don’t even realize you have right now!)
  • Create easy and tailored-for-you action plans that’ll put you on the path to your ideal life quickly.
  • Leverage your strengths and personality to get into a state of “flow” so more of the right people and opportunities come into your life.
  • Overcome your People Pleasing Problem – it keeps you stuck in the wrong career, relationship and circumstances.
  • Learn how to make critical decisions that align with your deepest values. (When you’re at a crossroads, you’ll know exactly which path to take.)
  • Learn how to move past the layers of social and cultural conditioning that tell you what you “should” do, be and have and into your authentic values and beliefs so you can create a life that won’t leave you with filled with regrets.
  • Regain your sense of inner freedom and peace.
  • Stay accountable to your goals and achieve them.
  • Connect with people who support the real you, your lifestyle goals and your values.
  • Be able to handle negative people in your life in a supportive yet firm way.
  • Learn how to have challenging but necessary conversations with others.
  • Speed up the transformation process using a proven system that provides everything you need – from emotional support to practical goal setting techniques.
  • Never again go into another situation feeling disadvantaged, coerced or afraid.
  • Get rid of that sick-to-your-stomach, off-balance, something-is-definitely-wrong feeling once and for all!

How quickly can I expect results?


That depends on how much time and energy you’re willing to invest in the process. Some clients are ready to go, doing the preliminary work quickly and getting to the action steps in just a couple weeks. Other people like to take their time with each piece, really analyzing and pondering their discoveries until they feel comfortable and ready to take decisive action toward their goals.

It also depends on your willingness to shake things up in your life, face the uncomfortable emotions and situations that might come up, and work with me through your fears into a place of confidence, courage and clarity.

I’ve taken personality tests in the past, what makes this different?


I have two words for you – synthesis and synergy! No where else will you find a program that puts together all the answers from such a variety of different tests into one cohesive picture of you – your Holistic Personality Profile.

This profile shows you how all the pieces of you fit together to create the complex and intricate individual that is you. You’ll finally understand how your natural strengths support and are enhanced by certain personality characteristics, and how your underlying emotional needs play into your motivations and decisions.

Furthermore, this system will tackle head on the most troubling aspect of your life right now in a way that is innovative and completely unique to YOU. Just as no two problems are identical, no two solutions are either. Our calls will reveal answers to your problem that are a direct result of figuring out who you are during the process so these solutions will feel right to you. (No cookie-cutter advice here!)

My main problem is really personal / unusual / outside-the-norm…can I trust you not to judge me or try to sway me into a culturally acceptable solution?


This is perhaps my favorite concern from clients! I wish I could reach out and hug you for this one! Why? Because I really really understand and respect unconventional situations and lifestyles as much as I do more traditional arrangements. I’m one of the most unshockable and non-judgemental people you could ever meet. Seriously.

Don’t be shy or feel like you have to sugar coat or tiptoe around your real problems. Give it to me straight. We’ll put it all in perspective and figure it out together in a way that feels true and good for you – no one else’s morality or values will matter during our discussion but your own.

How can I guarantee myself that I will gain the clarity and confidence necessary to start living in alignment with my values / desires – regardless of what anyone else thinks – in record time?


Do all of your homework. Be totally committed to creating lasting change. Understand that this is a process, a proven one, that works if you take action and implement all of the steps.

All my clients who have diligently worked with me through the Who Am I? Personal Revolution System have successfully transitioned out of their negative circumstances and into relationships, careers and healthy lifestyles they adore in much less time than they would have on their own AND with the emotional support they need to get through the hard parts!

Rose, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to help me through this. What are my options for getting started with you?


Congratulations on making a decision for growth, fulfillment and success! I’m happy to work with you to achieve your best life possible! There are 3 ways to work with me. I prefer to work one on one with my clients to really help them get FASTER results and am now offering more intense programs. To get started with sky rocketing your confidence and clarity, create a life that fills you with joy and ensures your sense of personal freedom, here are the different programs I’ve created for you.

Choose the Program That's Right for YOU

The Clarity Solution – 30 Days to a Confident You

Not sure where your life is going or what you really want to do as a career? Wish you could wave a magic wand and know exactly why you’re feeling so frustrated, angry or stuck?

This 30 day program was designed just for you. It’s a mini crash course in figuring out YOU – your talents, natural strengths, personality advantages / challenges and your deeper purpose.

You tell me what aspect of your life needs the most clarification – career, relationship, health, etc. – and we’ll zero in on the best, most ideal situation for you.

Filled with ah-ha moments, emotional relief at finally understanding why you are the way you are, and a clear direction on where you should be going, this program sets you up to succeed. With tons of personal growth and self-knowledge behind you, you’ll be able to go after your ideal life with the kind of confidence that only comes from understanding your true, unique value.

What’s Included:

  • 3 one hour, private coaching sessions with me to get clear on your ideals, create your goals and learn how to move out of frustration and into clarity. All coaching calls are recorded so you can listen to them anytime you need reassurance or reinforcement.
  • Curated selection of the very best personality tests with detailed results so you don’t waste time taking superficial, meaningless tests and online quizzes trying to figure yourself out.
  • 5 Point strengths test that reveals your natural, hidden strengths and how to use them to your advantage.
  • PDF version of your Exclusive Holistic Personality Profile where I put together all your results, detailing how every aspect of your personality, strengths and energy style fits together to create a truly unique, invaluable picture of who you are so you can own your value and increase your confidence.


The Freedom Solution – 90 Day Intensive

For those wanting to quickly level-up more than one area of your life, or if you’d like to intensely improve just one area that’s been plaguing you for years, the Freedom Solution is a perfect match.

We’ll work together, one-on-one for 90 days, clarifying who you are, what you really want and making plans on how to get there – starting NOW. I’ll provide all the support you need to create huge shifts and make critical life decisions that honor your intuitive truth.

Not sure if you’re in the right relationship? Don’t know how to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur? Want to invite more people into your bedroom but not sure how?

We’ll start there – getting to the bottom of what you really want and lifting the burden of your negative emotions immediately.

This program is designed to fill you with a renewed sense of personal Freedom and Confidence. It breaks through your inner blocks, teaches you how to handle the fears that keep you stuck, and then puts you on a clear path toward your true desires.

If you’re absolutely tired of living a life that’s unfulfilling, negative and out of alignment with your core values, beliefs and ideals then THIS is the program for you.

What’s Included:

  • 9 one hour, private coaching sessions with me to get clear on your ideals, create your goals and figure out your powerful WHY. I’ll work with you to create action steps that are in alignment with your natural strengths, follow up and evaluate how those are working, and course correct as necessary. You’ll have nine hours of personalized attention to work through your blocks, your fears and celebrate your wins. All coaching calls are recorded so you can listen to them anytime you need reassurance or reinforcement.
  • Curated selection of the very best personality tests with detailed results so you don’t waste time taking superficial, meaningless tests and online quizzes trying to figure yourself out. You’ll receive over 70 pages of in depth information you can start using right away.
  • 34 Point strengths test that reveals your natural, hidden strengths and how to use them to your advantage in your relationships, career and health goals.
  • PDF version of your Exclusive Holistic Personality Profile where I put together all your results, detailing how every aspect of your personality, strengths and energy style fits together to create a truly unique, invaluable picture of who you are so you can own your value and increase your confidence.


The Total Transformation Solution – 90 Day Intensive Plus Done-for-You Marketing Package

Love the Freedom Solution above but need a little more real-world, hands-on support? I’ve developed this program after getting feedback from clients who didn’t have the time, graphic or copy writing skills necessary to implement some of their plans. To make it simple I created two different paths – Total Career Transformation and Total Relationship Transformation.

Total Career Transformation – If you decide to switch from one industry to another or want to build a business from scratch, some of the first tools you’ll need will be a new website/blog, new or revamped social media pages, new logo and new business cards. I include all of this, as well as my coaching package, into a complete, easy solution.

Not only will we work together on figuring our your ideal career and creative business solutions, we’ll also make it happen right away. You’ll have your new business/career presence online and marketable immediately after you’ve gained the inner clarity to move forward.

Total Relationship Transformation – If you’re single and decide part of your ideal attraction system is getting online and putting yourself out there on dating sites but don’t know what to sign up for, what to say, aren’t good at creating profiles, and really want serious help – then I’ll happily take over and create everything you need to get in front of the right people with a perfectly crafted message.

Because of my past careers, I have extensive experience creating online dating profiles that work! I’ll match the type of relationship you’re looking for with the right website (relationship dating, casual dating, adult dating, niche desires), help you select the ideal pictures to use and create the copy that helps you “sell yourself” so the right potential partners take notice. It’ll save you time, money and a lot of frustration.

The real benefit is that through our coaching sessions I’ll know exactly who you’re trying to find and the type of relationship you desire so I’ll have a thorough understanding of how to best present you to potential matches.

What’s Included in Total Career Transformation:

  • Everything in the Freedom Solution above plus…
  • A complete business website and/or blog
  • 3 new or revamped social media profiles of your choice (Facebook company page, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Logo design
  • Business card design

What’s Included in Total Relationship Transformation:

  • Everything in the Freedom Solution above plus…
  • Curated selection of dating sites to use that are ideal for who you’re trying to meet and the type of relationship you’re trying to establish – saving you a lot of time, frustration and money
  • Up to 6 personal/dating profiles on the websites of your choice – including done-for-you copy and image selection/editing
  • Introductory email or message scripts to potential partners so you can feel confident making the “first move” when you run across a profile that interests you
  • Current Social media evaluation and editing to make sure the profiles your potential partners see are all giving the right impression of you
  • “Google” Evaluation – If you Google yourself, do you know what pops up? Since many people now Google their potential dates, we’ll make sure you know exactly what about you is out there and decide how to handle any less-than-positive press.

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Rose. She is extremely capable, wonderful, and warm. She is quick to laugh and insightful. I highly recommend Rose!

Darlene Reilly

Head Teacher, Foote School

Rose has an ability to cut right to the central ideas and think about them analytically. She responded with depth and originality and was very thorough in doing so.

Laura Wenk


Rose is an excellent interviewer, allowing women to feel comfortable enough to talk about very difficult and intimate matters about their lives, sexuality, futures, and identities. She is a delight to work with – incredibly well organized, hardworking, and committed.

Amy Cheng

Rose has worked with me for the last 3 years and knows me better than anyone on the planet (except maybe my Mom). She is the smartest, most intelligent and trustworthy individual I know.

Michael Krasun

CEO, Krasun Industries

If I'm not sure I'm ready to get started, how can I get a better feel for what it's like to work with you?

A great way to sample my work, personality and approach is to watch my free webinar below and download my free guide. The webinar was originally live and the program I mention at the end is outdated, however it will give you a great preview of some of the processes I take my clients through such as my favorite personality/strengths tests, my unique goal creation system and why surrounding yourself with the right people is so important.

You can also download my “What’s Your Purpose?” Guide – designed to give you a new perspective on what your “life purpose” could be. I love this exercise because it takes some of the pressure off of having to find this all-important Life Purpose and instead shows you how you can actually infuse everything you do with your unique Emotional Signature. Yes, it is on the woo-woo side, but it’s also practical – demonstrating how you can use your most difficult emotional times for the greater good.

All right - I am ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple questions. Can I call you?

Yey!! I’m so proud of you! Sounds like you’re ready to get clear on what you want and start living the life you truly deserve – fearlessly and without regret. So if you have a couple questions please email me at or call me directly at 860.328.0496 and I’ll be happy to walk you through the different options to figure out which one will be the best for you.

I’m so looking forward to watching you live freely and am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s get started!

In Love & Limitless Possibility,