“Let your intuition guide you” – “Listen to your inner voice” – “You’ll just KNOW when it’s right”

We’ve all heard this kind of advice a million times, and if you’re like most of us, you’ve probably wondered if you’re the only person walking around without a magical internal compass telling you which way to go. The truth is most people have no idea what their “intuition” actually is or how to use it.

Most references make intuition seem like a Jimminy Cricket-esque voice in your head chattering away and giving you all the “right” answers. Then it’s up to your own free will to choose whether or not you’ll listen. We hear claims such as all the best leaders “follow their intuition” and that even though something doesn’t seem logical, if your “intuition says” to do it, then you should certainly take heed and do it!

Even more so, your intuition is made out to be an informative consultant. Wondering if you should take that job or become an entrepreneur? Ask your intuition! Should you go left or right? Your intuition will know!

Unfortunately following this kind of advice leaves most of us utterly confused and feeling broken. When we try to use this wonderful all-knowing source that is our supposed birthright, no definitive voice appears out of our usual mental fog, we don’t hear angelic choirs singing when we think of the right answer and we’re not exactly sure if that upset stomach is a glorious sign or just a bad lunch.

The truth is intuition IS real, we do ALL have it and it CAN BE a very useful tool – but we have to demystify it and learn the skill of how to listen to it first.

My wonderful guest today, Serena, is an expert at tuning into intuition and teaches women of all ages how to tap into their own powers using practical tips and meditation. I’ve asked her to shed some light on this mysterious topic in hopes that we can all start to view intuition for what it really is – a skill that gets better with practice, dedication and an open mind.


Q – Your work focuses on helping women quiet the internal and external noise so they can hear the “whispers” of their own intuitive guidance. For those starting out, how do you help them tune in to these whispers and how is intuition experienced? (Is it a voice in your mind, a feeling, a vision?)


A – For those who are just starting out with meditation or some form of spiritual practice, I help them to tune into the “whispers” by first acknowledging that this is indeed a PRACTICE!

When someone spends their entire life reacting to external circumstances instead of responding with love, the transition is similar to that of somebody that hasn’t exercised for years, and decides one day to step foot into the gym.

A lot of people like to dive in headfirst, overestimating their abilities, and may be overwhelmed when they find that they aren’t automatically really good at tuning in to their higher intuition. I know that I used to get incredibly frustrated when first meditating. I couldn’t stop thinking, I felt really stupid, and like I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

Then, one day, I woke up and couldn’t wait to meditate!

That’s when I knew that something inside of me had shifted; I’d switched gears so to speak. My spiritual practice today is my solace! Intuition can be most easily thought of as a “presence” versus a voice in the beginning. This is so that we don’t get confused between which voice is coming from our intuitive mind, and which is our own! My role in the relationship with my clients is to hold them accountable during this transition stage.

I support them in owning and restoring their own intuitive powers to cultivate a strong sense of presence, and ultimately connect with what it is they really truly need to live their ideal live vision. I think we’ve all experienced getting those “intuitive hits”, as I refer to them, in some shape or form. The real fun begins when someone decides to actually follow where those hits might lead, and surrender everything to a mysterious uncertainty.


Q – If negative life experiences are universal lessons designed to help you personally grow, then will your intuition steer you toward trouble on purpose? If so, are there times when we should question whether or not to follow our gut feelings or go against them altogether?


A – This is an amazing question! Our gut feelings, hunches, and inklings are always trying to steer us towards the right people, circumstances, and places that will allow us to grow and flourish into our highest potential as human beings.

That being said, by making the choice to surrender what we think is best for us to our higher intuitive selves; Sometimes things can get worse before they get better. Negative experiences and positive experiences are all relative to someone’s interpretation. The cliché stating to look at your life glass half full, is actually true! Everything rests on the custom filter of your perception that you’ve been creating your entire life.

You should never question whether or not to follow your gut feelings because YES, even though you may have to tread through murky waters to reach your destination, these are the residual consequences of having not listened to your true self in a REALLY long time.

The universe is so intelligent that it won’t settle for you having your average life. It wants you to realize your full potential, rekindle the spark with your latent creativity, live the life of your dreams, and then some! 🙂



When we are available and ready to say yes to our desires, god, the universe, collective consciousness, or whatever your language preference may be, will conspire with the universal forces to bring our vision into fruition. This requires a detox, if you will, of someone’s current life situation. Some unfavorable experiences may arise, and this is all in preparation for new, magical experiences to occur.

When you are transitioning and committing to real change in your life, transformational healing and magnanimous shifts will take place.


Q – What about your own life inspired you to go inward and make decisions based on intuition rather than external data, opinions, etc.?


A – I’ve always been a very introspective person by nature. I cared very much about learning new topics that had to do with personal development and making solid change in my life. I was fascinated by the idea of using the forces of nature as my compass for living a true life of abundance.

I had proven to myself time and time again that we attract what we are, and I was excited to explore this truth and share my knowledge with others in hopes of elevating and creating a better world to live in! There is so much power in the present moment, and really getting to the point where you fundamentally understand that fact changes everything.



I’m not quite sure that I even fully comprehend it at this point, but I put a lot of effort into my practice and am very dedicated to learning as I go.



Bio: You can read more about Serena and her life changing work by clicking here or visiting her website at http://www.HerSenseofSelf.com.

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