Self-worth is an often misunderstood concept. Although it’s linked to its widely talked about cousin, self-esteem, self-worth itself is a deeper state of being that most of us ignore because we don’t really “get it.” Sure we know we should have a lot of it, but how do we do that and how does having it change our lives?

The truth is you can see the positive or negative effects of your own self-worth in every decision you make. People with high self-worth make decisions that are in alignment with their values. They don’t mistreat themselves, and they don’t allow others to take advantage of them either.

Everything from your eating habits to your ability to ask for a raise flows from your foundation of self-worth. So, if you did a quick evaluation of your life right now, would you say your decisions show that you respect, love and value yourself? If not, chances are your low self-worth is in control and making decisions that aren’t in your absolute best interest.

My guest today is Simone Craig, a joy and expert on self-worth. Simone teaches women, particularly single mothers, how to create positive relationships with themselves so they can make strong life decisions and act as stunning role models for their children. I truly adore her mission because strong parents raise wonderful human being – and that’s a lot of hope for our collective future.


Q – The programs you’ve put together to help single mothers strengthen their relationship with themselves and build lives they adore are truly remarkable. What inspired you to create such a unique business?


A – Thank you so much, Rose. Initially, when I first started out as a spiritual teacher, I was working with all women. Just 2 years ago, I became a single mama myself. And about a year ago, I noticed that single mamas were drawn to work with me.

So I created a program to support, nurture and empower single mothers in a way that really speaks to our core desires and lifestyle needs. I can’t think of any other people on the planet that deserve more compassionate support and encouragement in living their best, highest quality life, than a single mother. This work is a deep honor and deep joy!


Q – What’s the one thing your clients struggle with most, and how do you help them overcome this challenge?


A – Self-worth. Money is definitely a close second, but the root of consistent money struggles is a lack of self-worth.

Someone who truly values herself and lives in full embrace of her value and worthiness may sometimes be low on cash-flow, but she doesn’t have money struggles. Self-worth is huge for a single mama because the lack of it has affected all aspects of her life.

The essential foundation of my work, and the key to helping single moms overcome a lack of self-worth, is waking up to the awesome truth of who they really are.

Lack of self-worth is a negative dream that I help women wake out of. When they wake up, self-worth is a total no-brainer. In my own experience, it’s the most profound discovery of a lifetime to know who you are and what you’re worth. There’s nothing like it.



Q – You mention in your work that everyone has a secret calling. What exactly is a sacred calling and how does understanding our own calling effect our lives?


A – In Ancient Rome, sacred implied something divinely guided. Today, sacred implies that which is deeply special and deserving of reverence. A sacred calling is our life work that’s divinely guided and deserving of our deep reverence. It’s the bliss-filled instruction on our soul that we can choose to actualize in this life, or not.

Understanding our own calling is a great start. It can help us to connect the dots in our life — meaning that you’ll see your life isn’t just a bunch of random events, but experiences designed to help you develop the character, skill and heart, to live a life of purpose.

But to actually live our sacred calling, we’re called to courage that leads to greater peace and freedom. We’re called to a humility that leads to profound power. We’re called to remain unmoved from our self-worth that leads to supreme love — beyond our understanding.



Then, as single mamas, we’re shining examples to our children of what it is to be authentic, peaceful, empowered and on purpose. What a tremendous gift and legacy to leave them.



Bio:Simone Craig is a spiritual teacher and life purpose coach who helps single mothers discover the beauty they are, and live their life’s calling. She lives in Northern New Jersey with her radiant 2-year old daughter, Charleigh. Simone loves leading her free 1-Day online retreats, Authentic Life, Authentic You, for women who want to relax into deeper self-awareness and living authentically. For more retreat info, go to

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