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If you’re reading this you’re part of an interesting, important and very small percentage of the population that’s actively questioning what it means to be alive – and more to the point – why YOU are alive.

Although it might seem at first like this is a personal quest, one that’s only consequential to your own happiness and fulfillment, you’re actually very wrong. The truth is you have to find your purpose ASAP because the entire evolution of our world, of consciousness itself, depends on it.

I realize this is a lofty claim, and if you’re still in a space of self-doubt or have blocks around self-worth then what I’m about to tell you will definitely be hard to believe. But I need you to hear it anyway. Hear it now. Let it sit in the back of your mind until the day you’re ready to toy with the idea that maybe you, “little, flawed, inconsequential” you, might actually be one of the keys to pushing life forward into our next phase of evolution.

So here’s where you fit into the bigger picture of consciousness evolution.

Humans live simultaneously in two worlds – the physical and the cognitive. The physical world is just that, everything we can take in with our senses. It is as real and objective as anything can get. All life as we know it lives in the physical world. However, humans also live in a cognitive world brought about by our use of language. This world only exists within our mind and is only useful to the extent that we have others around us who agree to the “rules” of the cognitive world. Cultural norms, the idea of money and our general rules for how we should live all fall into this cognitive realm. Most people are so entrenched within the rules of the cognitive world that they don’t realize it doesn’t actually exist.

But not YOU.

Because you question things about life. Because you ask “why”. Because you search for purpose. I know you have some understanding that the cognitive world is imaginary and can therefore be adjusted, manipulated, agreed or disagreed to and utterly re-imagined when necessary. By searching for your own individual purpose what you’re really doing is altering the rules of your own internal cognitive world.

You’re trying to create an inner reality that allows you to live in the physical world with meaning and purpose that feels right to YOU. You’ve stepped outside the cognitive world you learned about from your parents, education, friends…and have begun to assert your real values onto it instead.

This is always a very challenging time on every level – questioning your relationships, your career, your past choices, who you really are as a person, etc. You can “ruin” your current life. You can spiral into depression. OR you can do the inner work necessary to figure out what aspects of the cognitive world resonate with the real you, let go of everything else, and build a physical life that reflects exactly who you want to be from now on.

That is the exact process that will lead you to discovering the CORE of who you are – otherwise called discovering your purpose.

And here’s where your individual quest to live a life worth living becomes integral to our collective evolution.

The more you question the current mandates of our collective cognitive world and consciously choose a different path, the more we, as a whole, shift into a better way of being alive. As I mentioned, the cognitive world only works because two or more of us agree to its rules. Now that you’ve created your own rules, it gives others the opportunity to join you in YOUR version of the cognitive world and live a more purpose-driven life themselves.

Let’s ground this in a real world example. When Martin Luther King Jr. grew up, races were divided. In that cognitive world, races had different laws governing them, segregation was seen as “normal” and everyone seemed to agree to this way of life. Like you, Martin began to question his world. He began to ask “why” things were the way they were. He began to ask himself whether or not he believed the current cognitive world was moral and a valuable way of living. He then made the conscious decision to DISAGREE with the cognitive world, re-imagine a brand new, very different cognitive world, tell everyone he possibly could about his new ideas, and managed to change the physical world for the better.

Now the key to Martin’s story is that out of all the different aspects of the cognitive world that he questioned (and I’m sure there were many!) he chose the end of racial segregation as HIS unique purpose. By focusing his energy with such passion and fervor into something he believed in with every cell in his body, he was able to shift the very consciousness of our world.

But not everyone is like Martin Luther King Jr. The sad truth is, most people never get to the point of actually questioning the cognitive world they were born into – right or wrong, good or bad, so nothing can get better.

But YOU have.

Because YOU are questioning there is hope. You have the power to change our collective cognitive world in whatever way you deem as your purpose!

So discovering your purpose isn’t something you need to do for yourself – it’s something you need to do for everyone – NOW.



About the Author: Rose Rivera, MBA, MM is the founder and creator of the Limitless Life Evolution™ – a global movement shifting the world from Systems of Survival™ to Systems of Abundance™. Via online courses, community initiatives, conferences and coaching Rose’s mission is to teach people how to harness the limitless power and possibilities they have to create luxurious lives of abundance, purpose and passion – not just for themselves, but for the entire world.

If you’re ready to take a quick step toward discovering your own purpose, download her What’s Your Purpose? Guide to learn about your unique Emotional Signature.

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